Why Choose Ruby on Rails

8 Nov

There are many reasons for newbe who wants to have a web 2.0 by using open source programming language. I am a newbe in programming language, I don’t have an ability in web application development, I begin do more research by reading various blogs, asking to friends, and reading something that will help me to the next step. I founded many advantages by using rails, like 10x faster than other programming language in development.

Ruby on rails has a good framework for developing web app. If you want to learn about rails you can start from here:



If you want to start a new project, or new application of web, I really suggest you to choose Rails. Rails has MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework that help us to maintain or develop web application easier.

The most reason why choose Ruby on Rails:

  • It’s easier to learn then other programming language
  • You can find a lot of resources to understand about rails.
  • They have a great community. You can find plugin and gems that available to choose.
  • You can start real application in short of time.

It’s only a little complain about rails I’ve heard:

  • It’s slower than PHP but hardware is cheaper than other programming time.

Today I am learning about objective-c, and I want to mix with rails for mobile web development.

If you want hire Ruby on rails developer, I endorsement at Asia, here a reliable ruby on rails company.


The Good Recipes

26 Mar

therightrecipes_comIt is a fact that the meals were used with the chains of food as fast preparation have low food values. There are really no food contents with these hamburgers and oily and finish-fried cracklings. They will not be able to give you the strong bones and muscles. What they can give you is nondesired greases and perhaps even cardiac disease. So that you can avoid being excessive weight, by obtaining a cardiac disease or a diabetes, surround these unhealthy foods now. If you like to eat with the food chains of fast preparation, break the practice. It easier is said that made, think naturally, but just how much your body will cost easier without this refuse.

The Right Recipes Here

Top Design Tattoo

26 Mar

To tattoo was practised in the whole world. Ainu, the natives of Japan, traditionally carried facial tattooings. Today one can find of Berbers de Tamazgha (North Africa) and maori of the Zealand News with facial tattooings. To tattoo was widespread among the Polynesian people and certain tribal groups Philippines, Borneo, islands of Mentawai, Africa, North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Kampuchea, the News Zealand and Micronesia. In spite of some taboos surrounding to tattoo, art continues to be popular in many areas of the world.

top design tattoo

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Stop Smoking Aids

25 Aug

aids for stop smoking has been flooding on the market today, giving solution who have been hardly trying to stop for years. While many of the products available on the market will give you decrease your cigarette yearnings for a length of time, the majority of them are not success at assisting you stop for permanently. Actually, most quit smoking aids only succeed 20 percent of the time!

Prevent Fungi Nail tip

25 Aug

The important thing to do to curing nail from fungus nail is keep dry and clean. Fungus naturally happens on our toenail. Other cause is wearing shoes too tight and wearing shoes for a long time can make your feet to damp because perspire so that create fungus. Using of nail cutter from other people may also cause you catching of fungus. Because of fungus infection can be contagious from that way. The infection can be occured when one of your get injured and it easily the bacteria to get in. Big chance to get this disease can be happen to people with low immune system. Always your nail keeps hygiene is the best way to prevent fungus infection. The first is, don’t wear closed shoes if not necessary. Second, if your socks have been dirty, change immediately. Wearing absorbent socks is better. Third, if not needed don’t wear high boots. Fourth, immediately use anti fungal cream.

Permanent Penis Enlargement

24 Aug

Every men who have tried many methods to enlarge their penis size disappointed with nul result. however, not a few men has been successful with right way. Penis extender has been chosen by men and has gave satisfy result than other way such us pill, patch and etc. Permanent penis enlargement only can been gotten by this way with low cost and safe.


23 Jul

Today, I have received email from someone who  write like this:

“My humble Greetings!

My name is LORAN JACQUES, the only Son of Late Chief Dr. INNOCENT JACQUES from Republic of Cote D’Ivoire, (Ivory Coast).

I know it is normal and natural for you to wonder why I contacted for assistance in this transaction when we have not met each other before, I am pleading that you be patient with me because I have no choice than to do what I am doing now since it is the only way out of this problem I found myself based on the fact that most times in life, One must confide in another Person to survive, I therefore decided to contact you to find a solution to my problem irrespective of the fact that we never knew each other, please do not misunderstand me, I am therefore begging you to accept me with an open heart and mind, it is the situation I found myself that made me to contact you and ask for your assistance.

I am contacting you to assist me transfer the Sum of US$9,500.000.00, I inherited from my Late Father which he made from the sale of Crude Oil Business for investment in your Company under your Management while I continue my education because my education stopped abruptly due to the death of my Father. My mother died after giving birth to me, so I never knew my mother. Behold, my only hope and courage in life which was my father was brutally killed by unknown assasins.

Many thanks to you if you can help me as I would compensate you with a good percentage of the money which is negotiable after the money has been successfully transferred and confirmed in your account.

Thanks and God bless you, I will be waiting to hear from you.

Your’s Respectfully,
Tel. +22509169246. “

If you want to help him, call him…I don’t have a few cent to call..he he he


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